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Seaplane Service

We our proud to announce seaplane service!

Our amphibious seaplanes are the ultimate versatile travelers. We can provide service from any runway either paved, gravel or grass to any body of water whether it be a lake, pond, rivers or any of the offshore islands of the coast of Maine. Wheels are built into the floats, and they can be extended for hard runway landings or retracted for water landings.

In other words, we can pick you up at the Portland Jetport and provide non-stop service to a camp or cottage anywhere in New England or even Canada. If you are a seasonal cottage owner, hunter, fisherman, or simply do not want to deal with summer traffic, this is an ideal service to get you in and out of your destination.

We can also deliver goods or clients directly to your boat and provide yacht shuttle service. If you are already underway and need supplies, or if you have a customer who couldn't embark with you from the dock, we can deliver to you.

Our price structure is straightforward: $480 per hour of operation for the Amphibious Cessna 206, with up to 3 passengers and baggage at no additional cost. If we land in saltwater, we will add a $150 surcharge for the trip. The operation is on demand, and we will do everything possible to fit your schedule. We operate 7 days a week from the Knox County Airport in Owls Head, Maine.

Another reason to hire us is the experience of our pilot group, with literally thousands of hours operating to the offshore islands and remote parts of Maine.

For more information or particular quotes, please Contact Us.


Seaplane over the water
Seaplane landing on the water.

Cessna 207
Our seaplane: Island Spirit!

Cessna 207
A satisfied customer delivered right to the dock.

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