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Penobscot Island Air

Our Fleet

We operate Cessna Stationair 206 & 207 aircraft, as well as a Cessna Caravan 208.

The Cessna 206s/207s are perfect for service to the island runways. A Cessna 206 has an empty weight of approximately 2,000 lbs., and can carry 1,600 lbs. The 206 also has excellent short field performance to get you and your gear safely and comfortably in and out of the island runways.

The Cessna 206 can fly up to five passengers and their baggage to the Penobscot Bay Islands in about 10 minutes from Knox County Regional Airport. This might be an attractive alternative to a one- to two-hour boat or ferry trip.

The Cessna 207 is four feet longer than a 206. It can carry the same total weight as a 206, but much more volume. The forward fuselage was lengthened so that a forward baggage compartment could be added behind the engine. The passenger cabin was also lengthened in order to add another row of full-size seats for a total capacity of a pilot and six passengers. There is also a right forward door for easier access to the right-side seats. The 207 has the same cargo door as the 206, but it is located further aft of the wing, adjacent to the same set of rear windows used for the 206.

The Cessna 208 is "the ultimate amphibian."  With seven passenger seats, it can carry over 4000lbs up to 900 miles, and it can land in fresh water, salt water, or on traditional runways with retractable wheels built into the floats.  The engine is a jet-turbine engine, providing cruise speeds of 186 mph and incredible short-field performance.

At a Glance...

Cessna 206
Seating for up to five passengers
Carries up to 1,600 lbs.
Cruise speed 150 mph
Excellent short-field performance

Cessna 207
Seating for up to six passengers
Carries same weight, greater volume than 206
Cruise speed 150 mph
Excellent short-field performance

Cessna Caravan 208 on Amphibious Floats
Seating for up to seven passengers
Carries up to 4,110 lbs.
Cruise speed 186 mph
Excellent short-field performance & ability to land on water
GPS-equipped and certified all-weather


Cessna 208 Caravan
The Ambhibious Cessna Caravan

Cessna 207
Our Cessna 207

Cessna 207
One of our Cessna 206s

Cessna 207
One of our Cessna 206s on amphibious floats

PIA View
The view from a Penobscot Island Air Stationair

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