New Pricing Structure starting May 1, 2022

April 25, 2022

Vinalhaven, North Haven, Matinicus, Islesboro, Criehaven

New Pricing Structure Effective May 1, 2022

Penobscot Island Air recognizes that one of the most important aspects of our business second only to safety, is our relationship with our customers.  In the months since the loss of Kevin Waters, that relationship has been strained as we have tried to structure our pricing in such a way as to preserve inexpensive flights if shared to the islands, maintaining some degree of profitability with freight charges and other fees.  What we have discovered is that this simply doesn’t appear to be working in anyone’s best interest.

Over the last few weeks we have spent a fair amount of time meeting and discussing feedback that we received from many of our customers.  The following bullet points are the most consistent items we have received feedback on.

  • Freight costs and allowances are such that in many circumstances, it cost more to bring items to the islands than it does to purchase them. 
  • The current price structure varies from flight to flight depending on number of passengers and freight weight. This makes it difficult to plan ahead or budget.
  • Utilization of the mail flights for single passenger with no minimum
  • If a customer gets bumped from a flight because other flight sharers bring too much freight, the cost of their flight increases substantially

Penobscot Island Air has heard you and is ready to make changes to address the feedback we have received.   First and foremost, we looked at the ticket pricing and freight as one component combined.  Our present pricing offers a reduced ticket for an individual who shares a flight with four people however charges for freight.  The NEW PRICING STRUCTURE has ONE RATE ($125.00 per ticket with a two person minimum on one leg of the flight) & 100 pounds freight allowance per ticket

The following example will show the difference between the existing pricing structure and the new pricing structure for individuals flying with 100 pounds of freight at .75 cents per pound.


  • 4 persons share $75.00 + $75.00 Freight  $150.00
  • 3 persons share $95.00 + $75.00 Freight $170.00
  • 2 persons share $135.00 + $75.00 Freight $215.00
  • 1 person flight  $265.00 + $75.00 Freight $340.00


New      (with 100 pound of freight)

  • 4 persons share $125.00 + $0 Freight $125.00
  • 3 persons share $125.00 + $0 Freight $125.00
  • 2 persons share $125.00 + $0 Freight $125.00
  • 1 persons (2 persons $250 minimum + $0 Freight) $250.00

This goes to the heart of two concerns, (cost of freight and not knowing what cost will be without definitive share numbers and could be different from day to day for exact same circumstances).  With the new pricing plan, there is only one variable and that is the two-seat minimum if not a shared flight.  All seat prices are $125 with freight at no cost up to 100 pounds (beyond the 100 pounds, is charged at the current rate of .75 per pound.) Note: Weight restrictions of the aircraft will always be adhered to.

For individuals travelling without baggage or freight and on 3 and 4 person shared flights, this will be an increase in seat price with this new structure, however our experience is that most people are travelling with freight and baggage.

Next, we will reinstitute the mail flight with a single seat price of the same $125.00 with no two person minimum.  An individual may get on either side of a mail flight for the $125.00 and bring baggage and freight (IF CAPACITY ALLOWS).  Mail and Parcel Freight will always take priority on these flights and we cannot guarantee all seats or room for freight.  We recommend that these be looked at as more of a passenger service with freight accommodated when space allows.  They will be first come first serve.

We will continue the “buying the plane” program for 1 person and as much freight as we can legally and or safely accommodate for the flight.  This is not and cannot be a passenger service like it morphed into in the past.  This is designed as a means for an individual to transport large amounts of freight such as building supplies, parts, staples, etc. at a rate that would be substantially less expensive than if you had to purchase it by the pound with a passenger ticket.  This will continue to be priced at $325.00.

Finally, the family rate took a little work but we have decided to allow immediate families (2 parents and children under 16) board for a minimum of 2 adult tickets at 125 each, then every child of that immediate family at $50 dollars each.  The two adult tickets come with the 100 pounds of freight each.  There is no freight allowance for the child seats. 



Family of 3 w/200 lbs of freight:  Tickets $95.00 x 3 = $285 + $150 Freight $435.00

Family of 4 w/200 lbs of freight:  Tickets $75.00 x 4 = $300 + $150 Freight $450.00

Family of 5 w/200 lbs of freight:  Tickets $75.00 x 5 + $375 + $150 Freight $525.00



Family of 3 w/200 lbs of freight: Tickets $125 x 2 & $50 x 1          $300.00

Family of 4 w/200 lbs of freight: Tickets $125 x 2 & $50 x 2 $350.00

Family of 5 w/200 lbs of freight: Tickets $125 x 2 & $50 x 3          $400.00  


Because of these changes we do need to insist on a 2 person minimum on any flight initiation, that can be from the mainland or an island.  If two people are scheduled for any leg from mainland or island, a third person may subsequently get on a front or back leg for the 125 ticket.  A shared will flight will not consist of one out and one back.  We are offering this knowing that a two-person flight in all circumstances are operated at our cost or a loss depending on commodity costs at the time.  We are depending on 3 and 4 person flights to help us offset this and must retain the right to combine passengers when possible and safe.  

Again, after the 100 pound allocation per adult ($125.00) ticket, all freight will be charged at the current rate of .75 per pound.  Dogs, Cats, etc. will all be considered freight except for service animals of which we may require documentation of same.