Hangar Progress Update – 4/27

April 27, 2022

As I look out of my office at the daily progress of the new hangar, it seems hard to believe that almost 18 years ago,  Kevin and I sat on milk crates in a freezing cold construction trailer in the spot where the new hangar is now being built.   

“You know T “, Kevin said,” someday there is going to be a beautiful hangar here, right where we are sitting”. My quick response was…” I sure hope that the new hangar has a better heating system than what we have now because I can see my breath and I think that we are both probably hypothermic”.   In typical Kevin fashion, he responded “Where we are in right now is the best executive suite at the Knox County America Airport…how many corporate headquarters are insulted with bales of hay…not many…Just be patient, T”!

Well, it is with great pride that I say Kevin was right!   

Over the last month, the progress on the hangar has been unbelievable! The building has gone from a large dirt hole to a beautiful structure…the pictures tell the story!