Jack Moore Completes His First Solo Flight

February 10, 2023

One of the things that makes all of us at Penobscot Island Air feel really proud,  is when one of the students in our flight school completes their solo flight.   This was the case with Jack Moore, Jonathan Ward’s student,  who soloed on December 22, 2022.   Lots of great pictures were taken that afternoon and everyone was all smiles!

What I didn’t know, was the back story about Jack and flying. 

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk and received an email and pictures from Jack’s mother…

“Jack, and Kevin, on his first real flight….the one that hooked him.  His birthday May 31st, 2018”

I responded back to Jack’s Mom, thanking her for sharing the pictures and story with me and letting her know that I didn’t realize that Kevin had even known Jack… also adding that the story did bring tears to my eyes….

Here is part of the response I received back from Jack’s Mom…  

“I am sorry to make you cry, and I also know that some of those tears were pride and happiness about the life your husband led and the inspiration he passed along – simply by being himself.  Those are likely both the best and hardest kind of tears. I sent it though, so you could know how a tiny energetic vibe from him…. possibly something that he didn’t even know that he had, could literally change – no, strike that, – create – a brand new, probably life-long path for a young boy”. 


Not much more that I can say…