FAQ for Flight School

Frequently Asked Questions for PIA Flight School

Q: How much is flight training?

A: The C172 is $170 an hour and the C150 is $150 an hour. The pay for instructors is $70 an hour. The cost of completing training really depends on how often the student flies and how proficient the student becomes. Typically, the more often a student pilot flies, the less money the student will spend throughout training due to the student not having to relearn skills. On average, a student pilot will spend between $10,000 to $12,000 to become a private pilot. 

Q: What is required to become a Private Pilot? 

A: 40 hrs flight training minimum, minimum of 15 hours of ground training, pass an FAA Medical Exam, the FAA written and then the checkride.

Q: What is the flight training schedule?

A: You will be assigned a primary instructor who will tailor the training to fit your schedule. If there is a conflict with your primary instructor’s schedule on days you are available to fly, we have several other instructors ready to jump in and fly with you. 

Q: What age can I start flying? 

A: You can begin flight lessons as soon as you can reach the rudder pedals. However, you need to be 16 years old to solo and 17 years old to take the private pilot checkride and receive your license. Our students who are under the age of 16 years old, we suggest a once-a-month lesson to maintain interest and exposer to aviation.   

Q: How difficult is flight training?

A: Flight training is an adult education type of course which requires a commitment to home study as well as a commitment to being prepared for flight training. A private pilot’s license is very obtainable and can be used as simple recreational type of flying or as a steppingstone to a great career in aviation by continuing through instrument training and commercial pilot training. 

Q: How dangerous is flying?

A: Flying is one of the safest forms of transportation. Above that, flight training is one of the safest forms of flying according to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Here is an article with some statics that can help explain.

Q: What if I’m not sure if I want to be a pilot? 

A: We offer discovery flights for people who are on the fence about becoming a pilot. The discovery flight consists of 30 minutes of you taking the controls with a certified flight instructor. This flight is $105 and is an excellent experience if you are not sure if flying is for you. You can purchase a gift certificate for a friend or family member at any time.

Q: Do we fly in any weather? 

A: We only fly when the weather is safe and legal to do so. The Federal Aviation Administration institutes rules and regulations indicating when we can fly. However, PIA’s top priority is safety! We will only fly when it is safe to do so. You will be in communication with your instructor to make go, no-go decisions. 

Q: Are there scholarships available? 

A: Yes, there are scholarships available. The AOPA has a list with links for applicants to see if they are eligible, see them here

Q: Still not sure? 

A: Come out to the Knox County Regional Airport and stop by Penobscot Island Air. There you can meet an instructor and take a tour of the school. While there check out our airplanes and ask the instructors any questions you might have. We understand this is a big commitment. We at Penobscot Island Air want to help you meet and exceed your aviation goals!!

For additional questions:

Christopher P. Carroll 


Chief Flight Instructor


Cell: 307-369-9383