Flight School

It’s that diversity of thought and opinion that allows us to better challenge the norm, identify creative solutions and become stronger thought leaders.

Instructor: Chris Carroll

Chris earned his Private Pilot Certification in 2016 in Winchester, VA. In 2017 he began Charter College at Wings of Wyoming to earn his Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII and MEI. He also received a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Science Degree while Flight Instructing. Chris currently has over 1100 hrs of flight instructing mostly at Wings of Wyoming in Cheyenne, Wyoming and flew with GoJet Airlines as a First Officer before getting hired at PIA. Before becoming a Flight Instructor, Chris was a Deputy Sheriff and Paramedic. Chris has a supportive wife and two awesome kids who all love to fly. Chris likes to spend time with his family during his off time hiking, canoeing, hunting, and biking. Chris loves helping his flight students succeed and fly in beautiful Maine!

Chris joined Penobscot Island Air in December of 2021 as a line pilot and flight instructor.    Chris is a great asset to the Penobscot Island Air crew!


Instructor: Steve Turner

I obtained my CFI certificate in 2002. I began independent instruction at the Knox County Flying Club, the same club where I obtained my private pilot license. I continued there but in 2005 was invited to fly for PIA by the owner, Kevin Waters, who had been the instructor signing me off for my second cross country solo flight as a student pilot years before. My instruction continued but only part time as I was full time at PIA. While still instructing at the club I became a line instructor at PIA and eventually a check airman.  Today,  I enjoy the best of both worlds: working with professionals and students!

Instructor: Alex Garmon

Alex graduated from Northwest College’s Aeronautics program in Powell, Wyoming in 2020. After that, he then spent a year instructing in Montana before moving to Tennessee and instructing there. He is excited to be moving to Maine with his wife, their two dogs, two cats, a rabbit and horse!